We at Dr Jains clinic provides all types of micropigmentation treatment.

Micropigmentation for Scalp

Micropigmentation for Scalp is deposition of pigment precisely in the skin which mimic the very short hairs and hide the baldness. It is camoflouging procedure and acts as concealer which hides the bald white /brown scalp so that externally it give full hair looks.

Micropigmentation for Eyebrows

Micropigmentation for Eyebrows Most of people refer to micropigmentation as cosmetic tattooing, which is incorrect. The principle seems to be similar to tattooing in that a pigment is implanted into the skin, but the aesthetic result is quite different.

Micropigmentation for Lips

Permanent makeup defines the lips outlines, enlarges or reduces them slightly, corrects asymmetries, create an optical effect or more volume and, generally, makes them more attractive if the design and technique have been correctly applied.