A Certificate in Cosmetology course imparts hands-on training on techniques,tools,and equipment used in the cosmetic treatment of skin,hair,and nails.
It fosters skills in students that help them solve beauty related issues. The course curriculum involves thorough training where everything is done in a practical manner which makes it more intense in comparison to the degree or diploma level.
Cosmetology is quite vast and students can choose to specialize in Beauty Culture, Hair Cutting, Coloring, and Styling, Skin Care, Professional Makeup, Hair Removal Methods, Nail Care, Hair Care, and Beauty Therapy.
During the course time students would get to study basics in skin analysis, the practice of manicure & pedicure, facial machines for treating skin problems, hair coloring, hair cutting, Anatomy, and Physiology.


This course contains medical information, hair loss therapies and practical knowledge. You will be able to instantly apply your new knowlege base to your current salon or trichology practice.
The course covers the “how to” you need to know to setup your trichology practice or hair loss center. You will recive a comprehensive guide to advanced treatment for hair loss and the training to implement the therapies into your practice.
This course covers an education on conditions that result in hair loss you you will be prepared to offer the right services to each client depending on their hair loss concerns.
The course will help you to successfully run a hair loss clinic or trichology practice. The class emphasizes the use of scopes and checkups and gives you the ability to modify their treatment programs based on their results and further needs.